Acupuncture has the ability to stimulate the release of a series of organic substances, such as endorphin or enkephalin, which have opioid properties that allow inhibiting and regulating the sensation of pain, as explained by Dr. José Enrique Calderón, member of the Anesthesiology service. and Pain Unit of the Puerta del Mar Hospital in Cádiz, which states that many hospitals currently use this technique to treat acute or chronic pain.

This ancient oriental technique consists of inserting very fine needles in certain points of the body, which are known as 'acupuncture points', and is based on the conception that the human body is formed by a network of interconnected points through which it flows energy and, when this energy stays stagnant or its advance is slowed down, pain occurs. If the obstacle is eliminated, the pain will be relieved.

Before starting an acupuncture therapy, it is necessary to diagnose the patient's problem to determine which is the most effective treatment in each case. In addition, the expert warns that it does not always coincide the point where the needle is inserted with the body area where the pain appears, and gives as an example that, to relieve pain in the neck, you can choose, among other areas, the hand of the patient.

It is especially effective in treating low back pain, postoperative pain, fibromyalgia, and neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain

Acupuncture is particularly effective in the treatment of low back pain, the discomfort caused by fibromyalgia and surgical interventions, neuropathic pain and musculoskeletal pain, but it is not recommended to use it in patients with psychic disorders, in those who should be treated with surgery or in those who have some type of injury or infection in the puncture site.

Calderón has indicated that it is a very safe technique that, although it can produce accused side effects such as intense nausea, a strong emotional reaction, or worsening of symptoms, this usually occurs in less than two out of every 1,000 treatments and, on the other hand, no serious cases are known.


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