The stress It is one of the most common causes of failure and even abandonment of fertility treatment by couples, as indicated by numerous studies. To remedy this, some experts point out that acupuncture can be an effective technique in reducing stress. In fact, there are already many assisted reproduction clinics that use it for this purpose.

According to the psychologist Beatriz Dibra, of the Ginefiv clinic, the negative emotions that are encycled in time can lead to various problems, such as the absence of a rule (amonerra) or alterations in the production of hormones, which can harm the correct implantation of the embryo. For this type of case, acupuncture works by having the patient focus on the bodily sensations that it produces, thus forgetting those negative emotions.

Acupuncture causes the patient to focus on the bodily sensations that cause, forgetting stress and negative emotions

There is not the thing, because acupuncture apparently not only acts on the mental or emotional plane, but also in the physical, as this technique could favor several processes that help the woman's body to prepare for the implantation of the embryo : promotes better blood circulation (and consequently vascularization) of the ovaries and uterus, helps to regulate the hormones and stimulate the endometrium.

Acupuncture, without pain or side effects

Despite what might seem, acupuncture is a process that does not cause pain, the needles used in different parts of the body (about 16) are very thin and you only notice a slight prickling or some tingling, followed by distension or feeling of heat, a sign that they are being effective.

These needles are usually placed on the head, hands and feet, but used for this type of therapy are also located in the abdomen. They are left for 30 minutes and move every ten minutes -except those placed on the head- to achieve the stimulation sought, as detailed by Dr. Cheng.

However, we must bear in mind that not all people can undergo acupuncture. This is the case of those patients with neuronal problems, such as some types of epilepsy, or those who have problems related to blood coagulation. "

Source: Ginefiv

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