An excess of animal fats in the diet of the Spanish will cause an increase in cases of erectile dysfunction, predicts Dr. Mariano Rosselló Barbará, director of the Institute of Sexual Medicine, which chairs the congress of the Spanish Andrology Association, which is celebrated in Palma de Mallorca. A study conducted in animal models, and published in the latest issue of the journal British Journal of Urology International, has shown that a diet rich in fats promotes erectile dysfunction.

Other previous studies have shown that overweight men have twice the risk of developing erectile dysfunction, and obese people are 25 times more likely to suffer sexual problems than those who have a normal weight. According to the National Institute of Statistics, around six million Spaniards over the age of 18 have obesity problems and 17 million are overweight.

"One of the consequences of the abandonment of the Mediterranean diet is erectile dysfunction"

"One of the consequences of the abandonment of the Mediterranean diet by precooked meals rich in animal fats is erectile dysfunction. In a few years we will see how the figures of Spaniards with sexual dysfunctions increase, which also affects the psychic health, "says Dr. Rosselló.

If in men the overweight affects the erectile dysfunction, in women the consequence is the lack of desire, especially in postmenopause, explains Dr. Rosselló. Therefore, one of the first measures recommended by experts to enjoy sexual life in people with excess weight is to lose weight. A study by Duke University (in the United States) showed that 68% of overweight women did not feel sexually attractive. One year after starting a diet, only 26% kept thinking like that. At first, 63% did not want to be seen naked, but only 34% said the same one year later. At the beginning of the study, 21% of women said they did not enjoy sex and only 11% said so after one year. "Weight loss has an immediate effect on sexual health. Obese patients assure us that losing a few kilos they feel 10 or 20 years younger in their sexual life, "highlights Dr. Rosselló.

Penis prosthesis

Experts estimate that more than two million Spaniards suffer from erectile dysfunction, although the prevalence increases with age. Thus, between 18 and 40 years it affects 17% of men; between the 40 and 70 years, 47%, and after 70 years it affects 72%. In 15% of the cases, in those patients for whom the pharmacological solutions do not work or are contraindicated, a penile prosthesis implant is required. "Some 300,000 Spaniards would need a penile prosthesis implant to enjoy a full sex life. However, there is still a minority who receive one, partly due to lack of information and partly for fear of asking, "says Dr. Rosselló, who adds that" the woman also demands these implants for her partner when she perceives the changes. of humor of this one ".

Source: Institute of Sexual Medicine

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