A woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the initial phase (stage 1C) in 2009, has managed to become a mother despite having both ovaries removed because of the disease, thanks to that before undergoing this surgical intervention the doctors extracted and frozen several of their oocytes, with the aim of fertilizing them and implanting them in their uterus when this was possible.

First they removed the left ovary, in which the tumor had been detected, but after considering it necessary to also remove the right ovary, the doctors informed the woman of the possibility of preserving her fertility by extracting several oocytes before removing the ovary and freezing them later.

It is the first time in Spain that a woman who has suffered ovarian cancer gets a baby with the technique of freezing oocytes

The process that ended with the birth of a baby began when the patient underwent two cycles of ovarian stimulation that allowed to conserve a sufficient number of ovules so that she could be a biological mother after overcoming the cancer. Less than two years after the operation, the patient's oocytes were fertilized with their partner's sperm and implanted the two resulting embryos in the uterus, one of which was not viable.

It is the first time in Spain that a woman who has suffered ovarian cancer manages to have a baby with the oocyte freezing technique, although a woman without ovaries had already gotten pregnant thanks to the ovarian tissue autotransplant of her own patient who had also been previously frozen.

The birth of this baby supposes a great advance of the assisted reproduction in Spain; However, the specialists who have made it possible have explained that in this case ovarian cancer was diagnosed at an early stage, something unusual in this disease and which indicates very good prognosis and great survival possibilities for the patient. In most cases, unfortunately, the tumor is usually detected very late and the survival rate of those affected at five years is approximately 60%, which would imply an ethical dilemma.

'Miracle baby' through egg freezing (November 2019).