A study conducted by EROSKI Consumer this summer, which involved 4,300 Spanish consumers, has shown that children do not make this meal properly, because their parents lack nutritional information that allows them to tell their children which are the indispensable foods in a good breakfast. The survey has revealed, in addition, that one in five parents think that their children do not eat well.

A fact that is considered positive is that more than 95% of respondents say that they eat breakfast every day, and one in five recognizes that it takes advantage of the weekend to increase the amount of food in this first meal of the day, probably thanks to who have more free time.

Only one in five respondents spend more than 15 minutes at breakfast, and 16% admit that they spend five minutes or less at breakfast

But, to develop good habits and inculcate them to children, the ideal would be to have breakfast as a family. However, according to the survey, although almost half of the respondents share their lives with other people, they eat breakfast alone, to which 15% of people who live alone are added and breakfast also without company; thus, only around a third of respondents take advantage of breakfast to share a few moments with their family. Even in this case, it stands out the fact that only one in five respondents spend more than 15 minutes at breakfast, and 16% admit that they spend five minutes or less at breakfast.

Nutrition information is crucial

The data that is known about the increase in the incidence of childhood obesity in our country have shown the importance of insisting that Spanish children receive an appropriate nutritional education so that good habits begin in childhood, and thus prevent all the complications associated with excess weight. In this sense, one of the healthiest habits that we can instill in the little ones is to start the day with a balanced breakfast in which no essential nutrient is missing.

But what should a balanced breakfast include? A piece of fruit, or a natural juice, a ration of milk or a dairy product such as yogurt, and a serving of bread, cookies or cereals, or even a homemade cake, but avoiding industrial pastries. The results of the study indicate, however, that only one in ten children drinks fruit for breakfast, and only one third takes milk, and although most of them include a product containing flour in their first meal of the day, It deals with buns that are not the most suitable for the children's daily diet.

The survey reveals that parents do not know what type of food should be included in their children's breakfast, although the vast majority (72%) say that it takes into account the nutritional information indicated on the food label, so the possibility that said information is not clear enough, and that indicate in a simple and understandable way the nutrients included in each food, would facilitate the task of the consumer, who could thus choose and combine the products necessary to enjoy a balanced diet.

Source: EROSKI Consumer

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