A new polyvalent pill has been able to reduce blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels in a group of 84 people older than 50 years and without a history of cardiovascular disease.

The pill, which is composed of four substances - one statin and three antihypertensive drugs - reduced cholesterol by 39% and blood pressure by 12% in participants in a trial conducted in the United Kingdom by researchers from the Wolfson Institute for Preventive Medicine. the University of London that aimed to verify the efficacy of the drug.

The pill, consisting of one statin and three antihypertensive drugs, reduced cholesterol by 39% and blood pressure of study participants by 12%

The authors of the study explain that this type of medication could be administered to the healthy population as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which are currently the leading cause of mortality worldwide. In fact, the director of the Wolfson Institute, Nicholas Wald, has stated that if a drug like this were administered to half of people over 50 years old, 94,000 myocardial infarcts could be avoided each year in the United Kingdom.

Also in Spain are studying the possible applications of a similar pill, which in this case contains a regulator of cholesterol level, an antihypertensive and aspirin, although what Spanish researchers seek is to develop a drug to prevent the reappearance of a coronary event in patients who have already suffered an episode of this type, that is, that the medication would work as secondary prevention, while the British pill would act as primary prevention for people who do not suffer from any cardiovascular disorder.

Some scientists, nevertheless, show their doubts about the advisability of administering drugs to healthy people, and insist that the best medicine to protect the heart is to adopt a healthy lifestyle (stop smoking, follow a balanced diet and practice physical exercise regularly), and that medicines can not replace good habits in the prevention of diseases.

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