Researchers from the Institute for AIDS Research IrsiCaixa have carried out a study, promoted by the Ministry of Health of Catalonia and La Caixa, in which they have identified a hormone that improves the effectiveness of certain vaccines that were ineffective in patients infected with HIV.

The work, which is included in the program for the development of the Hivacat AIDS vaccine, and collected by the journal of the 'British Immunology Society' - Immunology - demonstrates for the first time that administering a treatment with growth hormone to patients seropositive allows to recover the immune system and to improve the efficacy of certain vaccines, which had proved useless because of the need to stimulate an overly weakened immune system.

A treatment with growth hormone to seropositive patients allows to recover the immune system and improve the effectiveness of certain vaccines

The study was conducted with 278 HIV-infected patients, from whom those with deficient immune responses to at least one of these three vaccines were selected: hepatitis A, hepatitis B or tetanus, and they still had deficient answers after two vaccinations.

The administration of growth hormone allows to improve the function of a lymphoid organ, the scam, in which a type of white blood cells known as T cells, which are responsible for activating different cells of the immune system such as B cells, responsible for producing the necessary antibodies to fight infections.

The study shows that the partial recovery of this organ before the administration of a vaccine to seropositive patients, allows an activation of the immune system, which is essential for the vaccine to effectively carry out the activation of the immune system to defend the patient from possible future infections.

The therapy would act as a complement or adjuvant in the action of certain vaccines, among which include the AIDS vaccine that Hivacat is investigating, and other existing ones such as hepatitis A, B and tetanus, with which has carried out the study.

Unlike adjuvants that are used in other vaccines, it should be administered before the vaccine application and will be applicable not only in HIV positive patients, but also in patients who have the thymus destroyed by other causes such as aging, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.



Using Vaccines to Tackle HIV (November 2019).