'My Symptoms with Parkinson's Disease' is a new tool designed to help those affected by this pathology to identify the severity of your symptoms and take note of the frequency with which they manifest. It has been presented by the Spanish Parkinson's Federation (FEP), in collaboration with UCB Pharma, coinciding with World Parkinson's Day. With a simple and manageable design, those affected are evaluated one by one all the symptoms related to Parkinson's, so that with each step is generated a graphic that provides a visual representation of the global status of the disease.

In Parkinson's disease, both motor and non-motor symptoms are involved, and the latter are not always given due importance, despite the damage they cause to patients, who see their quality of life greatly diminished because of these symptoms. Between the non-motor symptoms Most important are the sleep disorders (difficulty staying awake, morning fatigue, excessive daytime sleepiness or fatigue); Gastrointestinal disorders (difficulty swallowing, excess saliva or constipation); urinary problems (increased frequency of urine or nighttime incontinence) and humor changes (loss of interest, depression -in 50 percent of cases-, or anxiety).

From the FEP they emphasize that the non-motor symptoms are especially relevant when making a early diagnostic by specialists; In addition, 20% of patients will not develop tremors, which is the most obvious aspect of the disease. "The non-motor symptoms are probably the most crushing, both for the affected and for the caregiver. The difficulty to swallow, to maintain an adequate tone of voice, sleep disorders, fatigue ... prevent, to a large extent, maintain a good quality of life, "says its president, José Luis Molero. He adds that "this tool allows identifying and taking control over the symptoms that most affect the life of the affected, while allowing the specialist to recognize with a simple glance the global status of the disease and optimize the time of the consultation."

In this regard, Dr. Gurutz Linazasoro, director of the Parkinson's Research Center of the Gipuzkoa Polyclinic of San Sebastian, acknowledges that "at present, non-motor symptoms are treated inadequately for two reasons. On the one hand, because they are not recognized in medical consultations, and this is a shared responsibility between the patient and the doctor: the patient, because he does not count it, and the doctor, because he does not seek it. On the other hand, because today there are no therapies as effective as those that relieve motor symptoms. "

That is why he recognizes that "this tool will be of great help to eliminate, or at least reduce, the tendency of the patient not to tell these symptoms to the doctor and the tendency of the specialist not to actively seek these symptoms. Without a doubt, 'My Symptoms with Parkinson's Disease' will make things much easier. "

Source: Spanish Parkinson's Federation

Balance and Parkinson's Disease (November 2019).