A multimedia application free, launched in 2005 by the NGO Peace in Action after verifying that around 30% of Spaniards are stressed, is an effective tool to avoid stress and anxiety.

Recent studies have shown that more than 40% of citizens admit feeling more stressed now that two years ago because of the economic crisis that we are experiencing, and the European Comission recently recommended to the member states to establish specific strategies to combat this situation, especially the stress that arises during the performance of the work activity, which is considered the cause behind 50-60% of the working days that are they lose annually.

These emotional disorders significantly influence the quality of life, are caused by an excessive activation of the parasympathetic system, and cause a series of symptoms that affect the adrenal glands, at cardiac level, with palpitations, dilation of the pupils ... clinical picture known as general warning syndrome, explains the psychologist Carmen Fern√°ndez-Figueres, who has developed part of the content of the application.

The program favors the passage to alpha consciousness states, which characterize relaxation techniques, essential to treat stress

The program favors the passage to the states of alpha consciousness, which are what characterize the relaxation techniques, essential to treat stress. It is especially indicated for people who suffer anxiety, sleep disorders and stress, both adults and children, and can help patients when they go through different situations, such as when they have to perform a lot at work or during exam periods. So far it has been effective for between 80 and 85% of users.

The psychologist, responsible for the Specialized Team in Behavioral Disorders of Malaga, warns that it should not be used shortly before going to bed, because its objective is to activate the sympathetic system, and recommends that it be done 30 minutes a day, in conditions that allow for concentration, and at least for 15 days. If it proceeds in an appropriate manner, the expert assures that results are obtained after three weeks.

'Eliminate your stress' is available on the website 'www.puedesayudarte.com', and includes various relaxation therapies. It contains more than 20 minutes of video, including a relaxation and visualization exercise, a stress test, tips, and a course that integrates different techniques that help control mental, physical and emotional stress. It also has a test that analyzes the evolution of the user and tells you which are the most appropriate exercises in your case. If necessary, you can request help from a psychologist to solve any doubts that may arise when using the program.


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