Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, to be complete, it must include fruit, dairy, protein and carbohydrates. In the case of children, those who eat the right foods at breakfast get more energy, and this means that they are healthier and have a positive attitude, so their academic performance is also better. In addition, according to Dr. Rubén Bravo, expert in nutrition of the European Institute of Obesity (IMEO), a complete and balanced diet prevents deficiency states and anxiety disorders to reach adolescence.

Keep in mind that breakfast is done after the night's rest, during which we remain fasting for several hours, and that the body needs the nutrients provided by the food we eat during this first meal of the day to start daily activity with Energy.

Breakfast should provide between 30 and 35% of the nutritional needs of children of school age, and include fruit, dairy, cereals and proteins

The expert explains that breakfast should provide between 30 and 35% of the nutritional needs of children of school age, and that food should be chosen based on the size, weight and physical activity of the child, and should always be include: a natural juice or a piece of fruit, milk or other dairy products, cereals, and proteins (ham or other cold cuts).

To disseminate what is considered the 'ideal' breakfast formula, the IMEO has promoted, with the participation of some shopping centers spread throughout the Spanish territory, several workshops in which children will be taught to prepare a healthy breakfast.

Go to school without breakfast

The nutrition specialist warns that 8% of children do not eat breakfast before going to school, and ensures that the lack of nutrients makes them feel tired from early in the morning, and that their ability to concentrate and memory decrease. And he adds that this also causes the number of children who develop childhood obesity to increase. In fact, a study by the Thao Foundation reveals that, currently, one in three Spaniards between the ages of 3 and 12 is overweight.

The initiative has also analyzed the attitude of the Spanish population against breakfast, and has found that, in general, Spaniards do not consider this first meal of interest, that many times they do without it and that, in any case, they dedicate less time it deserves. This means that, contrary to reality, they do not believe that their energy contribution is relevant. For this reason, the IMEO campaign aims to change this erroneous opinion about breakfast and convince parents of the importance of sharing with their children a good breakfast, because it encourages healthy habits and helps strengthen family ties.


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