The living room Snoezelen is a colorful and modern space that looks like something out of a science fiction movie, and that is destined to stimulation of the senses (hearing, touch, sight, smell). These rooms have been used primarily in people with motor or intellectual disability and for a long time it has already proven its usefulness in autism, early stimulation ... In recent years they have begun to implant to work with dementias and Alzheimer, especially in countries like Germany, France ..., and their positive effects are being tested with these patients, since all the stimuli they use help them activate memories of the past.

The room has been put into operation thanks to the contribution of the social work BBK, which has allocated funds for the adaptation of the same and the acquisition of different work tools, fiber optic cables, water bed, chair with vibration, columns of water, odor dispenser ... whose purpose is to get the Alzheimer patient who uses them to evoke experiences already lived. Thus, family videos are projected, songs that have marked special moments in the life of that person, or fragrances related to the environment where the patient has lived can be smelled.

In the Valencian Community is the first room that is implanted in a specific day center for Alzheimer's patients and other dementias, and the objectives are: to increase the tools to work the cognitive stimulation in patients in early and moderate phases, and to obtain more effective instruments to work with patients who are in more advanced stages, where the possibilities of stimulation are limited with the usual materials, and need therapies focused more on manipulation and senses and less on purely cognitive abilities.

Soon, it will begin an investigation into the effects of the room with the University of Valencia, in the School of Psychology.

Wearable technology that records memories (November 2019).