The Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid has developed a program with the aim of treating children who suffer food allergy to milk and egg. To get rid of the disorder, they have administered a reduced amount of both foods to the children, and they have been gradually increasing the ration, to reduce excess sensitivity and promote tolerance to these nutrients.

The program involved 98 children who had allergic reactions to milk, and 29 children with egg intolerance, who were more than four years old, and who had been administered under control, a very small amount of the food in question mixed with juice .

Elena Alonso, Hospital Gregorio Marañón explained that if the child tolerates the initial amounts, they are increased gradually until ingested 175 or 200 cubic centimeters at a time and, in the absence of adverse allergic reactions is considered that the patient has exceeded the intolerance.

Until now there were two types of treatment, avoiding foods and products that contain them, or treating symptoms caused by accidental ingestions. Elena Alonso explains that normally children gradually acquire tolerance spontaneously, so that most of those affected ends up being cured. But there is always a small percentage who still suffer an allergic response and it is necessary to exclude egg and milk from their diet.

Food allergy in Spain

Milk, eggs and fish are the foods that cause most allergic reactions in our country, and experts estimate that there are at least one million Spaniards who suffer from allergies to any food. When it comes to children, their quality of life suffers because important foods in their diet such as eggs and milk, are replaced by special products, which are purchased in pharmacies, and that Social Security covers only until the child It is two years old.

Children who do not overcome the allergy from that age, should continue avoiding these foods, which implies an extra expense to families. According to the Spanish Association of Food and Latex Allergics, many products include allergens in their composition with another name, and regret that there are very few products available whose label ensures that they are free of these allergens, so that affected people feel insecure

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