A study conducted by SIGRE Medicamento y Medio Ambiente reveals that 48% of the Spanish population keeps the remains of medicines without their box or leaflet, which could cause possible misuse of these in the future.

Experts who have collaborated in the study warn that the first aid kit should not be a warehouse where drug residues are stored indiscriminately, but should contain curing materials and medications to treat mild conditions, in addition to continued treatment in the case of diseases Chronicles.

Research has shown that 20% of citizens do not verify if a previously prescribed medication has expired when it is removed from the kit for later use. However, 73% of citizens think that making use of prescription drugs in the past may pose risks to their health. In addition, when they decide to check the kit, 57% of the time they withdraw an expired drug that, in one of every three occasions, has not been used for a long time.

Where to recycle medicines

In the pharmacies you can now find the so-called "Sigre Points", containers in which you can deposit the containers of medicines, empty or with remains, in addition to expired drugs. 75% of adults know their existence, and more than 60% have used them in recent months.

The survey conducted by SIGRE has revealed that the population agrees with the location of these points, and with the advice they can receive from the pharmacist. This confirms that citizens are more aware, and know the harmful effect that medicines can cause on the environment if they are not disposed of in suitable conditions instead of using means such as garbage, drainage ...

Currently, citizens have more than 20,000 pharmacies with SIGRE points, which means that almost all pharmacies in Spain participate in this system.

The first-aid kit

  • Check the kit periodically.
  • Do not accumulate medication in an exaggerated way, as it can lead to confusion. Check if there has been any alteration of color, smell or other change in the medicine to dispose of it in time.
  • Do not save medication from previous treatments to avoid self-medication. Use medications always under medical prescription.
  • Medications that no longer work should not be thrown away, but at appropriate recycling points, such as Sigre Points.
  • Store medicines in places protected from light, dry, fresh and clean. Avoid storing them in places where there are changes in temperature or frequent humidity such as the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Keep all medications out of the reach of children.
  • Make proper use of the medicine by consulting the doctor and the pharmacist.

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