The II International Study Bupa Health Pulse 2011, carried out by the company Bupa, has evaluated the incidence of overweight and obesity worldwide, reaching the conclusion that 49% of the world population is overweight, although only 36 out of every 100 affected consider their weight to be excessive. according to the recommendations of the specialists. According to the data of the study, 52% of Spaniards are overweight, but only 26% of them recognize it.

52% of Spaniards are overweight, but only 26% of them recognize it

The countries where the percentage of overweight population is highest are the United States and Saudi Arabia, with 64%, but only admit this fact 40% and 43% of them, respectively. At the other extreme, China is the country with the lowest incidence of overweight (21%), which contrasts with the fact that a quarter of its inhabitants (25%) believe that it weighs more than the bill. This also occurs in Thailand where 44% of citizens feel 'fat' and yet only 28% suffer from overweight.

Losing weight: global objective

In spite of the differences that the study has detected between the number of individuals with excess weight, and that of those who recognize having this problem, getting rid of the extra kilos is among the main objectives of the world population. And it is that in the study more than half of the respondents (52%) have admitted that they would like to lose weight, and the country where there are more people (62%) willing to lose size is New Zealand, while China highlights for being the country where fewer individuals (34%) think they should lose weight.

Regarding the perception of health, 84 percent of the people who answered the questionnaire in Saudi Arabia believe they are healthy, as they say 81 percent of Brazilians and 76 percent of the inhabitants of India. By contrast, only 22 percent of English and 28 percent of Thais consider their health to be good. In Spain, 68 percent of the respondents stated that their health is good, and although almost half (49%) said they would like to lose a few kilos, only seven percent considered having poor health, which It indicates that Spaniards do not believe that excess weight can affect their quality of life.

Source: Sanitas

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