The solar radiation taken in an uncontrolled way entails more than one dislike for our health. This seems a more than obvious fact, but are we citizens aware of it and protect ourselves from it accordingly? The answer to the first premise seems to be affirmative, but not so much to the second, according to the study recently presented by the Instituo Dermae and Laboratorios Cinfa.

According to the data presented, while 84% of Spaniards say they know that the skin "has memory", a high percentage (71%) is especially concerned about the short-term effects of solar radiation, as is the case of burns and 43% of the population recognizes that it does not always take measures against the dangers of the sun.

Between this percentage of carefree Because of the consequences that exposure to the sun can have for your skin, we find mostly men and people with dark skin. The Coordinator of the Working Group on Epidemiology and Health Promotion in Dermatology of the AEDV and Professor of Dermatology at the University of Granada, Dr. Agustín Buendía, points out that, normally, women claim to pay more attention to the need to protect themselves, and in addition to applying protective creams more regularly, they take into account the possible damage that may be caused by solar radiation in the long run, such as Your skin ages prematurely.

Exposure to infrared radiation A (IR-A) emitted by the sun harms the health of our skin

But do we know what infrared radiation A (IR-A) is? One third of Spaniards have never heard of it, the same is unaware that prolonged exposure to infrared radiation A (IR-A) harms the health of the skin, and more than half (64%) do not know that comes from the sun, and is not only produced by electronic devices, although the Spanish Meteorological Agency reports every day on the levels achieved by this type of radiation.

Experts remember that exposure to infrared radiation A (IR-A) that emits the sun causes the skin to suffer an accelerated aging and intensifies the destruction of cellular DNA that occurs as a result of UV radiation. The problem is that most people do not realize it because they do not notice its heat or suffer the consequences immediately.

For this reason, dermatologists from the Dermae Institute recommend the use of state-of-the-art photoprotectors that reduce the harmful effects of the sun that may appear in the long term, such as photo-aging.

Source: L. Cinfa / I. Dermae

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