Almost half of people suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia will continue to suffer from these diseases chronically.

And is that according to experts who have met in Barcelona to celebrate the XIV National Congress of Psychiatry, approximately 45% of patients with anorexia and 40% of those with bulimia fail to complete the recovery process, while the rest that manages to eliminate these pathologies forever from their lives.

In addition, in more than 20% of cases, eating disorders are related to episodes of depression or anxiety and physical problems. Therefore, the rate of attempted suicide among those affected is around 25%, although less than 4% end up dying from this cause.

Experts in the field explain that although in recent years the number of people affected by these disorders is not increasing, the percentage of men who suffer them has increased, although the majority of patients are women. In addition, they warn that they have detected that cases are complicated more frequently due to comorbidity with other personality disorders.

Source: Europa Press

Lightning Talk-Laura Nicholson (November 2019).