37% of Spanish children and adolescents between 8 and 17 admit to having suffered cyberbullying, according to the results of a report by Microsoft-'Global Youth Online Behavior Survey'-, in which they interviewed young people from over 25 countries.

Globally, more than half of the participants in the study (54%) acknowledged being concerned about the Internet harassment. Of the Spanish children surveyed - more than 7,600 - 19% claimed to have been insulted on the Internet, while 17% had perceived unfriendly treatment, and 13% had been mocked.

The study also reveals that 19% of Spanish minors admit to having cyberbullying someone, and the majority (63%) claim to be informed about the characteristics of cyberbullying. Perhaps the latter is due to the fact that 71% of parents explain to their children the risks they can face when using the Internet, and 67% of parents monitor the use of computers by minors and online browsing.

"19% of Spanish children claimed to have been insulted in the network, while 17% had perceived unfriendly treatment, and 13% had been teased"

Although from Microsoft point out that there is no specific way to deal with the problem of harassment of children through the Internet, children find it helpful to know that they can count on the support of adults - their parents, teachers, older brothers ... - to solve all your doubts and problems in this regard.

Those who engage in harassing others are twice as likely to be harassed as well, and to be mocked and threatened. And the risks increase, logically, the more hours the child spends surfing the Internet; thus, children who dedicate more than ten hours a week to this activity (51%) are much more likely to suffer cyberbullying.

In general, the figures of harassment are quite significant, since 71% of young Spaniards claim to feel harassed outside the Internet - 86% are victims of this problem both on the Internet and in real life - and 46% admit have harassed others outside the network.

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