The Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU), on the occasion of the presentation of its calendar for 2010, which has the title 'for responsible consumption, change our habits', points out that 28% of Spanish citizens consume medications that have not been prescribed by the doctor and that, 30% of them are antibiotics.

CECU advocates responsibility for the use of drugs, because rational use will help improve the health of consumers. Therefore, they warn that it is necessary to read the leaflet that accompanies the medicines and never self-medicate, and remember that medicines that are not going to be consumed must be recycled, using the SIGRE points (which are located in pharmacies). .

The Confederation also refers to the rights of patients, which have been recognized in Europe, and include since the patient receives an individualized treatment and has sufficient time during the consultation, until it is compensated if medical malpractice occurs.

With regard to the use of cosmetics, the calendar asks citizens to be critical of those products that are presented as 'miraculous'. Ana Etchenique, vice president of the CECU, explains that the effectiveness of these products is debatable and that the advertising they serve is generally misleading.

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