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What is the infection by the Virus of the Nile

It is a febrile infectious disease caused by an arbovirus called 'West Nile Virus'Or' West Nile ', which is transmitted by several species of hematophagous (blood feeds) mosquitoes of the...

Preparation for an ELISA

If you are going to perform a study using the technique of ELISA These are the questions that you should keep in mind: Duration: the collection of the sample usually lasts very little time, just as...

Tips for buying a guinea pig

If you decide to have a Guinea Pig as pet you should keep in mind that if you have any other animal, such as a cat or a dog, it can be dangerous for the new member of the family. Therefore, you...

How the artichoke is taken

In the artichoke, as a remedy for herbal medicine and pharmacy, the young leaves of the plant (artichoke), in its first year of life, but also the flowers themselves (the artichokes), are used as a...

Brinner, the fashion of having breakfast

The brinner is a term that fuses the words breakfast (breakfast) and dinner (dinner), and that defines a new gastronomic fashion which is to take at the time of the Dinner the foods that are normally...

A new technique to treat endometriomas would preserve fertility

The endometriosis It is characterized by abnormal growth of the endometrium or lining of the uterus outside this organ. Among other areas of the body, this tissue can develop in the ovaries, and in...

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